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I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day! Mitch and I visited with some family, but mainly just relaxed and enjoyed time off from work. Mitch normally only gets to spend time with Jackson on nights and weekends, so it was really nice for us to just all hang out. However, being a work-at-home mom, I never really get a full day off, and tonight I started quilting my new mint green and peach triangle quilt. I was playing around with the filters on my phone and decided to post a little teaser.

WP_20150526_3892 WP_20150526_9334

Like I said, heavily edited. But I should be done with the quilting tomorrow, and then I just have to put the binding on. I’ll post a better picture when it’s finished.

I am also working on the petal quilt. That one will take a few more weeks. I only have half the petals appliqued, and then I have to piece everything together. I will post progress on that when I can.


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