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Another busy week! I’m just now finishing up my mint and peach triangle quilt. I’ll probably finish it tonight, and post tomorrow. I also finished appliqueing the petal quilt and started piecing the blocks together. I also sold a couple items on my etsy shop! This is super exciting for me! My goal was to sell 2 quilts a month, and I’ve sold 3 quilts and a crib sheet. This business is how I can afford to stay at home with my little one, so to see it actually happening is amazing! Speaking of my little one, we went to the pool yesterday, and he fell in love with the fountain.


Gah, he’s too cute for his own good! I am seriously wrapped around his little finger. I mean, just look at it! Even his fat fingers are cute. And I’m pretty sure he knows it. He’s 10 months old tomorrow and almost walking! Not ready for that.

In other news, I wanted to share something with you guys. I just got my own personalized quilt tags, and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. I ordered them from Spoonflower. If you haven’t heard about Spoonflower, you need to get there ASAP! It’s a website that lets you browse and design customized, one-of-a-kind fabric. This site is amazing. It’s a little pricey if you are buying multiple yardage. But if you are looking for a fat quarter of something unique, it’s reasonably affordable and totally worth it. They also have different fabric options you can choose from to suit your needs. This made it perfect for ordering my own quilt tags.


They were so easy to make. First, I made a design on Photoshop that I liked. You don’t have to use Photoshop, though. Any program will work – like paint. My tag isn’t very fancy, but I have Photoshop so that’s just what I used. I made sure to leave enough room around the edges so I could hem it and sew it in place. Once my design was finished, I uploaded it to Spoonflower. For the fabric, I decided to go with cotton poplin – it’s a stiff cotton that holds it shape well when folded, but still soft enough to use for a quilt. Then I selected the fat quarter option. Since my design was small, I was able to get over 50 tags! And it only cost $10! It only took a week to get to my house too!


Spoonflower has a tutorial on their website to do this exact thing. It will show you how to choose the right size (dpi) when uploading and ordering your tags so that you get the right size you want. I highly recommend reading it before you order. Next I had to simply cut one out. Once again, I made sure there was enough room all around the design to hem and sew it in place.


Here is a before and after.


Once I had it cut out, I just folded and pressed it with my fingernail to the shape I wanted. Because poplin is stiff, I didn’t even need an iron to do this. I made sure that the bottom fold was first, and then the top fold laid over the bottom so that it lined up with the edge.


Then I turned it around and ironed it to make sure it stayed in place. I probably could have skipped this part, but I’m OCD about things, so I just did it anyway.


This is what it looked like after it was all flat and folded. (Please excuse my ironing board. I am in desperate need of a new cover.)


Lastly, I took the tag over to my sewing machine and did a straight stitch to hold all the folds in place. I had to re-do this a couple of times because it was so close to the edge. You can make yours farther from the edge if you want, it just depends on the look you are going for.


All finished! Then I sewed it to the back of my quilt when I hand stitched the binding. I thought it looked cool angling it in the corner.


Well, hopefully I can get this quilt binding done tonight so I can show you guys the finished result. I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. Happy Tuesday, everyone!


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